Sessions- Readings & Healings

Chris M.

When I started working with Sara for a healing session, I felt stuck in my life and with having to make a big decision with my career. 

With one session so many stuck internal thoughts and feelings shifted. I released lots of limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings around being stuck in my life. The session was a catalyst that puts the healing into motion.

Over the next few days the healing kept coming in waves- there were tears and insights along the way… even my sleep dreams were doing the work of moving me forward! As a result, I’m feeling more self-confident and focused on making my decisions. 

Sara’s depth of spiritual knowledge and energetic healing processes are *THE BEST* I’ve worked with in the energetic healing community! 

If you are stuck, but open-minded, willing to be responsible for your part in the process, and allow healing to unfold from the session, Sara’s expertise and facilitation is the best I’ve worked with. 

Thank you Sara! Your perspective and healing is pure gold. 

Allison H.

As Sara is working on me, I feel relaxed like my body is floating on a cloud. Her loving energy makes me feel great.  

When she is done my body and mind feel very peaceful. 

This work that Sara does is so helpful.

Ann T.

2011 has been a time of huge transformational changes for me. A time that I let go of a dear relationship and a career of  23 years.

I wanted to connect to my Spiritual Self on a much deeper level.   

I started seeing Sara at this time and I am sure it was of no coincidence.  Perfect timing!   

With her heartfelt presence she creates a loving environment that allows me a safe space to help heal on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.  

With loving intuitive skills she brings information to light that furthers my healing process.  

I would highly recommend Sara if you are on a conscious journey in developing your higher potential.  


I appreciate your support, insight and care as I travel this strange path of life...


You help people focus, remember who they are and see themselves. 

It’s so vital in this crazy multi tasking, overwhelming world with so much stimuli. 

You are calmness. 

You are perspective. 

From a business perspective you help with direction, strategic creation, execution, purpose (remembering)

Jason C.

I feel good. I had no idea how powerful you are!

Barbara B.

Sara gave me the most helpful, insightful and fun intuitive reading.

She has a gift of knowing the areas of concern and dealing with them right away. At the end of the reading she suggested four simple things that I could do to help heal myself. They have been very beneficial.

I feel so much better!

Kristen G.

I received confirmations today.  Sara saw things which I did not have to explain.  It was such a beautiful feeling of acceptance.  Thank you Sara, for teaching me and cleaning up so many things for me.  You have definitely organized many confusing threads in which I had gotten entangled.


Geo C.

Sara Pearl is a profound seer, healer and teacher.  While I have worked with her on several occasions, it was her support through a recent traumatic event with my beloved dog that really further validated to me that her work is invaluable to others.  Sara was a steady force through what was an extremely frantic time.  She showed up with compassion, neutrality and a deep understanding of the grief that was coming up associated with the potential loss of an animal.  Her reading of the situation and my dog were spot on along with the outcome she saw.  In addition to the healing work she did, which I have no doubt had a huge impact, she took the time to guide me in some new practices so I could show up for him energetically as well in ways beyond my established training.  That experience was profound. If you are looking for a trusted, experienced practitioner, Sara is who you want to work with.  I will always be grateful for the love she showed us in that time.


Sara is the best animal communicator that I have worked with.  And I have worked with a few!  My cats responded incredibly well to her, especially my older man cat, Tucker.  Sara read him several times, when he was having health issues and my vet corroborated everything she said.  And Vice versa. 

Before, he wouldn’t get on my bed or sleep with me…  I asked Sara to talk with him about it and now he does!

Heather & Scott

Sara Pearl is a great animal communicator. She talks and listens to our furry

family members, and understands their individual personalities. She is spot-on about everything.

Lisa W.

Sara was an Angel the day we decided to euthanize our buddy of ten years.

She gave me a reading on him the day before and helped him to understand his time had come and he was ready to let go of his body. She gave me so much helpful information on what he wanted, how he was feeling and what I needed to heal.

The day of his passing, she held space during the transition time and it was an amazing healing for all of us involved.

I had feared this day for years because previously when a loved one died I had fallen apart- and was worried I would do so again.

Sara kept all of us grounded and connected to “Source” during the transition and I was able to feel my sadness but still be connected to the divinity of his life and death. For the first time, I didn’t fall apart in a way where I would stay sad and depressed for weeks or months after. 

I felt very clear and present that day and the next few days within my grief. I easily let it move on and felt my heart full of love. I knew he was at peace and happy, so I let myself be at peace as well.

I KNOW it was because of Sara’s healing energy toward us during his death that I was able to quickly return to peace and happiness. I consider her help during this time one of the biggest blessings of my life. I no longer fear death the way I had my entire life. I feel at peace in a greater way than ever before...

If you have an opportunity to have her hold space during a loved one’s passingplease take it. It’s her gift to this world and you’ll receive one of the best healings

of your life and be able to move on afterwards with so much love in your heart.”



Hey Sara Mothafukkin Pearl šŸ’•

I feel like your program is the missing piece to alllllllllllllllll the spiritual work I’ve done over the years. Everything is starting to come together in a way I could have never imagined.

Tommy D.

I have to let you know that I use the tools that I learned from you daily such as the grounding cord, protection Rose and the energy call back with the golden sun. I truly can’t thank you enough for teaching me those.


Lola L.

I have been benefiting from Sara’s classes since 2017.

What I have learned, embodied and put into practice has improved my life on all levels. In fact, I wonder how I ever managed without these skill sets and weekly classes of amazingness and growth!

These classes have expanded my awareness of personal purpose, self awareness and illuminated the ‘bigger picture’ of life and the realms we operate in.

Sara’s courses take me deeper into following my own guidance, trusting myself and my own psychic development. She has a way of bringing students to their own attention and abilities.

Sara delivers class content with skill, sass, vision, humour, clarity, compassion and credibility. I appreciate her clever wit, insight, astute nature and ability to deliver course material in brevity with impact.

Her teaching style resonates for me and nudges me into deeper belief of owning my energetic skills and clairvoyant abilities.

Wherever you are on the planet, these classes are possible!

I’m an international student and meet via zoom for the live classes. However, life can get hectic and if I have to miss class the bonus is that it can be watched anywhere, anytime via the online platform,  which is super easy to navigate and accessible from wherever you are.

It’s an incredible bonus to have on going access to class materials and notes. It is enriching and helpful to review past classes or re listen and review material. I’ve taken heaps of other classes on line that do not offer such access, I consider it highly beneficial and a wealth of knowledge to revisit.

Meghan C.

Sara Pearl's weekly classes gave me go-to tools to become more grounded and connected with myself, and others. Her encouraging and supportive teaching style creates a warm and calm respite in today's busy world. I finished every class feeling refreshed and uplifted.


Just wanted to say you are an amazing teacher- you have such a special way about you and I feel your classes are helping me so much. 

I have been using them daily now and feel a huge shift.  

Thank you thank you! You are beautiful and I am grateful for you! 


worked on my grounding cord and I felt immediately better!!! 

Plus everything you pinpointed is true for me over the course of this last week…so it was validating. 

I can keep practicing my own energetic growth work. 

It feels very powerful.

Janice S.

Sara has, by far, provided me with the best tools for ongoing self-care- and I have completed some excellent continuing education classes. This enables me to be a better person and professional. If you are unsure because you are unable to join the live class, please be encouraged. I took the basics class by replay- and I felt like a member of the class. Any questions that were not answered as part of the live discussion or in the class notes, Sara responded to personally. Please do yourself a favor and treat it as a live class: turn off your phone and limit other distractions.

Donia H.

IĀ am so filled with gratitude for all of the tools that you taught me. They continue to help me on a daily basis. Your class was probably the most informative, helpful and all around amazing classes I have ever taken. I think you are amazing and one of the best teachers I have ever learned from. Thanks so much for that.

Vinie B.

I used to sit in my room, absolutely empty inside. Just starring blankly at nothing, and into nothing for hours. Just to tune in be hopeless, completely given up. I always sensed the shadow spirits. Could always tell them apart, and feel when they attached to me. Just as a blind man can feel a living person watching him, we can feel the spirits that don't have a body when they're near. Ahhh... The life experience. How meaningful suffering really is! The sacred teachings that are unexplainable with words. I remember my last unconscious prayer, As i sat in a field underneath a full Colorado moon.  Two eagle feathers in hand. "God, I do understand the importance of my pain, please, don't heal me but instead teach me. Instead of placing me where i want to be, God, show me which direction to walk and where to put my efforts."

 Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok… Goes the karmic clock, as the outside world catches my blame for the misfortune I have. (Outside world- All which is not me that makes my reality) As if it were written in the stars by the ancient ones, I was found lost at a Basic Energy Tools class. Against the will of my mental mind, but within the ease and flow of the cosmic. There was no other possible route. I was completely stricken by this life. Paying a debt with sorrow and exhaustion. Jail or death as the only possible outcome. Ahhhh. Alcohol, my door out of this cellar, this body cage.

To be able to identify a feeling as not mine. To be able to explain why I got in a funk of weird sad emotion that hit out of nowhere, recognize it in my space, see it as not mine and move it out. To solve these mini mystery's that used to leave me clueless is amazing. I am free. To be able to see I am ungrounded and fix it, notice a feeling in my aura that before would never be resolved I'd walk around for days trying to ignore it. 

Now I am able to heal myself, because I feel myself.  I can look back and witness my memories neutrally, knowing why I was experiencing the things I couldn't name. I was ungrounded, running wild and falling over- spilling all my labors. Now I can ground- reground, fill in and create. Sense the space in between all things that the eyes cant see. My favorite is forgiveness of others cuz I can see their anger is not theirs. Even if it is, this new perspective is peace. I have found some of the answers I didn't know I was looking for.

This is my Testimony. The transformation of my understanding! The 'outside world' remains the same, though now I’m aware. Aware of the positive change I've now influenced onto those I connect with. The obstacles are most definitely still here, but now the manor in which I approach them has evolved. They give me comfort instead of frustration. The most valuable thing I've obtained is the knowing that not all people are sensitive to energy like me. This has allowed me to accept myself and them. Though they cannot understand me. I'm no longer crazy because I can feel someone’s heart break and am affected by their emotions. This gives me peace. Takes away layers of pressure, for others experience these same happenings. Within this Orb of our atmosphere and earth. Within this breath, shared energy and shared water. Its sacred, from the tiniest molecule to the biggest galaxy, we exist! The power, the storm, and the change, live them. Appreciate we are allowed to partake in spirit and body.  Metaphysics gave me the tools, and this knowing is the greatest gift bestowed upon me after.



For almost a decade, I have worked with Sara to hone my intuitive skills and intelligence. As we move into greater ways of knowing, I consider my intuition to be one of my greatest gifts. Sara has helped me understand and work with my intuition in ways that benefit my writing, my life and my relationships always in a kind and compassionate way that has helped me deepen my self-awareness. Along the way, we've developed a special friendship, and we've even been able to meet in person after so many years of working together remotely, which was most delightful. Thank you Sara for supporting me on this wild and delightful ride

Me on My Path

From Waller Astrology

You are certainly in the right field as an intuitive and your work is to step into your leadership roles- you have a ton of power to move forward on anything you set your mind to! Especially with your honed intuition. It is your dharma to be shining light on other's plights, and do so with such grace!

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