How to Read

Why take How to Read? 

In Basic Energy Tools you learned how to reclaim and maintain your energetic space.
How to Read is your next step and builds upon the tools you learned in BET.

With this training you can:

  • turn your energetic overwhelm into accessible information
  • stop being controlled by your external environment
  • access your Innate Inner Wisdom- Your Intuition.

Still not sure?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you using your natural Intuitive or Empathic skills
    consciously & correctly?
  • Maybe you’ve been correct enough times to know that you know some things.
    Maybe your instincts are right… sometimes? But sometimes, also wrong?
    What’s the deal?
  • Have you considered that perhaps the energy around you
    that you’re reading isn’t even yours? (What???)
  • Would you like to utilize your natural Awareness as a skill? Be able to dial it up, or down, as needed?
    (hello over-stimulation!)
  • Do you want to feel better and be able to make sense of the energy around you?

Do you want to:

  • meet a member of your Higher Dimensional Spiritual Healing Team

  • develop a useful intuitive notification signal (yes/no) that assists you in reading energy and answering questions on the fly

  • understand the mechanics of How to Read energy clearly

  • know the two most important questions Empaths and Sensitives need to be always asking themselves and when to ask them

  • learn about your clair-senses

  • understand the different aura layers and the specific energies they attract

  • acquire the skills and confidence you need to give aura readings & healings

  • have even healthier energetic boundaries than what you learned in BET as these tools and techniques build upon themselves

  • understand the energetic posture that helps you read energy neutrally and accurately.

Do you want to learn to control your abilities 
as opposed to them
controlling you?

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Why is this important?

We Sensitives and Empaths are absorbent.
We can store A LOT of foreign energy in our field and when you’re trying to read energy and gather information through that-
things often get muddled.


This is a simple fix- you just need expert level training so that you can
learn to discern and translate
all of the energy around you.

Do you know that you can train your Intuitive Muscles?

Just like yoga, or any other discipline, you need to learn the “How To’s” and then practice until they become your default habit.

You can learn to access your own information, manage your own energy and read energy clearly… which are crazy important skills in today’s chaotic world.

 Learn the specific Tools, Techniques and Energetic Postures of How to Accurately and Safely Read the Energy around you in:


How To Read


Safe? Wait, this shit can be dangerous?
Well, have you ever matched into someone else’s energy?
Like they’re all pissed off, they rant, they feel better and then you feel worse?
That’s you being absorbent and giving them an unconscious healing.


Does another person having the power to change your entire vibe feel safe to you?


Empath, I'm looking at you!

No? Me neither. 

Let’s get you sorted out.

Course Info:


Class One - Healing Master and Intuitive Notification.

  • Meet a member of your Spiritual Healing Team and learn how to work with them consciously whenever you want. Once you start working with them on a regular basis you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them.
  • Develop a yes/no notification signal to assist you in reading energy. It’s similar to muscle testing (kinesiology) but energetic and helps with everyday decision making.

Class Two - 
The Two Most Important Questions and Aura Layers.

  • Learn the two most important questions every Empath needs to be asking themselves. Let’s talk about WTF you are actually feeling.
  • Learn about your Aura, its layers and different parts of your Energetic Anatomy.
    When you learn why you attract certain energies to you, and how to release them from your space, you’ll hold yourself differently.

Class Three - Center of Head and Soft Readings.

  • Learn what to look for during a healing (on yourself and others) AND how to end a session completely. Stop giving away your energy or taking on other people’s! This way of clearing energy is also helpful when you feel like you got gacked up after a personal interaction with anyone.

Wait, what???
Are you talking about Healthy Energetic Boundaries?
Why yes, YES I AM.

  • Ever been unable to get someone out of your head? 🤔
    Then this technique is for you!

Class Four - How to Read.

  • Release common blocks so that you can accurately read the energy around you and stop second guessing yourself.
  • Understand how to be in a specific energetic posture for reading energy with neutrality and accuracy-  and why that’s important!
  • Learn to own your Crown Chakra.
    This is another way to be Grounded & Present and in your body.
    This is how you become Senior in your space.

This is How to Read energy.

No more guess work!


Develop the confidence you need to
trust and communicate what you see.
Come and sharpen your intuitive skills with me,
Sara Pearl.

Let’s sculpt your Intuitive Muscles,
Heal your Energy
and get the answers that support your Best & Highest Good.
Why work with me?
Because I get you and I got you, Dear One!

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What Students Say: 

“The How To Read skills have been expanding for developing my clair senses and working those muscles. I use the Basic Energy Tools to start each day and I find that my days run smoother and I overall feel more grounded and “together.” It’s been pivotal in my self development and I highly recommend the classes. Sara Pearl holds space with grace and light but also with a sense of humor and amusement. I’m thankful for her teachings and guidance. 🙏”

~ Pearl L.



The main benefit of How to Read is that these are tools you can immediately apply into your everyday life and benefit from right away.

These tools help with everyday decision making and to rapidly clear swathes of energy from your field and aura layers.

You learn to define your own space more clearly, something natural born Intuitives may have previously struggled with.

Learning these techniques gives you confidence in your Intuitive abilities by providing refinement tools that allow you to level up and tune into deeper layers of your abilities.

~ Megan BW



"Being able to identify my energy vs someone else's energy has been life changing.

I have let other people's energy ruin my day and affect my decisions.

Being able to recognize AND remove that shit is the key to my sanity!

Being able to effectively sense what mine in CURRENT time is a blessing I can't be more grateful for.

These tools have helped me succeed at my job, allowed me to better process my reactions and recognize more clearly the energy that people throw at me.

Throughout the day when the shit-show of work and interactions feels heavy and overwhelming, I can now quickly get myself into a head space that best serves me.

As opposed to lashing out, or reacting, from pure emotion I now feel like Wonder Woman with my magic bracelets.

I can deflect the messy energy that’s pushed at me and protect my space.

This has been amazing at improving family relationships and being more my "authentic self" with them.

I am quite sure if had these tools year ago, some folks in my life would have enjoyed seeing me lash out less :)

I have been sober for several years now and have struggled with addiction my entire life.

I didn't realize how other people's energy was infesting my space and really taking me down some dark paths.

These tools have allowed me to feel calm, love and freedom from the mayhem.

In short, this shit works. It works AND it makes life more beautiful and peaceful for myself and those I love.

A huge thank you to Sara for sharing her wisdom, time, guidance and love...I am beyond grateful for you."

~ Jon B.



Gamechanger! How To Read is the perfect beginner class for anyone who knows they have Intuitive abilities but doesn’t know how to start honing them.

Being an Empath I often pick up other people's emotions without realizing it. Now anytime my mood shifts drastically, I stop what I'm doing and check in. The vast majority of the time the energy is not mine and once I do a quick aura cleanse I go back to feeling like myself again.

Using these tools and tecniques gets my logical thinking brain out the way so I can make decisions from my Higher Self.

It's a solid way for me to make decisions that are for my Best and Highest Good.

I use these skills multiple times a day. Not sure how I ever functioned without them.”

~ PJ M.



"Before taking How To Read (HTR) I had stereotypical expectations of how intuition works.

I thought that those who had it, had it and those who didn't, just didn't.

Boy was I wrong!

I thought it was the norm to have everyone in my space.
I thought it would be selfish, or unkind of me, to have a space for myself- even in my own mind!
If I was not concerning myself with others, and their problems, was I a good person?
How To Read has taught me that I am important.
That it is important for me to have my own sanctuary, my own internal space so that I can feel calm, secure and loved.

The biggest thing I have learned from HTR is to be aware of the way I feel in my body. I use the tools I learned in class to manage my energy and keep my space free and clear of other people's energy.

I utilize all the tools I learned in HTR on a regular basis. At first it was something I had to be intentional with, and actively think about, but now it has become second nature.

HTR and Sara Pearl have made a huge impact on my life

HTR has really helped me grow as an individual and understand who I am.

I was someone who would have never taken this course because of my upbringing, fear and my lack of understanding of how energy works.

But then I met an easygoing and hilarious red head named Sara Pearl who introduced me to a new world and I am 100% a better person.

I would recommend Sara, and her courses, to anyone- no matter what stage, walk of life or religion."

~ Brooke M.

Why do this now?

Because you want to feel better.



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