Basic Energy Tools

Is BET for You?

The tools and techniques taught in Basic Energy Tools are an absolute must have for:

  • natural born Empaths, Sensitives, Healers & Artists, etc. feeling pummeled by foreign energies.
  • Healing Professionals- Energy Workers, Clergy, Therapists, Nurses, Body workers, etc.
  • Spiritual Seekers and anyone wanting to learn how to meditate and still their mind, develop their awareness and manage their own energy.

Do you want to:

  • stay grounded in stressful times
  • establish healthy boundaries (hey Empath- I’m looking at you!)
  • protect and replenish your energy field?
  • remain sensitive and still be able to function in the world?
  • control your abilities as opposed to them controlling you?
  • learn healthy energetic boundaries so that you can stop being an Empathetic Mess and controlled by your external environment?

Do you want to make decisions based upon your wants, needs & desires and not everyone else’s?


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Why is this important?

Are you tired of taking on everyone else’s energy and not being able to hold your space?

Do you want to learn how to actually manage your own energy and release other people’s shit so that you can interact with your reality, as opposed to reacting to it?

When you are naturally Empathic, Intuitive or Sensitive- you absorb other people’s energy.

Their emotions can affect you and you may take in their emotional stress or physical symptoms.

This happens because we Sensitives are very absorbent people.

If that energy is not consciously released it becomes a filter through which your life is experienced.

How's that been working out for you??

Course Info:


Class One - Ownership

How To Own Your Space

When you hear “you need to be grounded and in your body” this class will teach you an actual step-by-step process of doing exactly that.

  1. Learn how to create a grounding cord so that you can release foreign energy.
  2. Learn how to hold your space and set healthy energetic boundaries.
  3. Restore and replenish yourself by bringing your errant energy back.

Fill yourself in with vibrations that best support your needs in present time.

Learn how to get all the way into your body.

Learn how to apply these tools, & techniques, to things and situations outside of yourself, as well.

Class Two - Release

What To Do When You Get Schmooed

Ack. It happens to us all. When foreign energy gets into your space your engine just doesn’t run as well.

This class features three different techniques that help you release foreign energy from your space.

  1. Run two neutral energies to help flush out foreign energy and bring you into alignment.
  2. Learn to release foreign energy, and energies that are not for your Best and Highest Good, on command! 
  3. Unmatch from people, and situations, around you so that your Empathy does not drive your behavior.

Being “stuck in a match” is when you are in Empathy, a Resonant Vibration or Quantum Entanglement.

It’s when you can feel someone else’s energy in your body- and it’s no bueno. 

Additional side effects of this training may include, but are not limited to:

  • gaining seniority over your monkey mind
  • increased levels of tangible self-care
  • helping with human interaction and burnout.

Why I Teach Basic Energy Tools:

Like many Empaths I used to get over-stimulated from having excess energy in my space. The label of "too sensitive" was often used as a criticism and thrown at me.

I would receive healings, and that was so helpful! But not practical.

I needed to know how to take care of myself.

So, thankfully, I learned how to manage my own energy- which allowed me to remain sensitive and not feel overwhelmed.

I am now able to interact with my reality as opposed to reacting to it.

What you will learn in Basic Energy Tools will help you maintain your personal energetic space.

The world can feel like a thunderstorm.
To be born naturally Empathic, or Sensitive, is like being out in the storm naked. These tools will not change the weather- but they will provide different forms of all-weather, energetic, gear and protection.

I know, it's been hard.

Soul-level healing is not for the weak.

But good news! 

If you’re reading this- you are ready for your next Spiritual Step.
Get the training you need to unstick your stuck parts and
 become the You you've always wanted to be.

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What Students Say:

“Sara has, by far, provided me with the best tools for on-going self-care, and I have completed some excellent continuing education classes. 
The tools I learned from her enable me to be a better person and professional."
-Janice S 


"Hey Sara MF Pearl,
I feel like your classes are the missing piece to allllll of the spiritual work I’ve done over the years. Everything is starting to come together in a way I could have never imagined."

"To be able to identify a feeling as not mine, to recognize it in my space and move it out. To be able to see that I am ungounded and fix it. To solve these mini-mysteries that used to leave me clueless.
It is amazing. I am free.
Now I am able to heal myself because I can feel myself."
Vinie B

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