Property Healings

How’s your place feeling these days?

How a property feels is due to it’s energy.

That can be influenced by the land, the builders, the materials, all of the previous owners and tenants, neighbors, people who have visited and all of the energy that they tracked in… Yuk!

Think about all of these different energies stuck in your house... Ack!

As above so below, as within so without.

Imagine never physically cleaning your home… OMG!  It’s the same if you never cleaned your home energetically.

If you want to feel good- you’ll want to maintain the space that you are in.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, office space, house, trailer, whatever! The energy can be aligned and attuned to support you.

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Do you:

-work from home? See clients there?

-feel that the energy in your house is stuck?

-avoid certain places?

-feel uneasy, chaotic, ungrounded (or worse!) in certain areas? 

-have problems sleeping? 

-have furniture or items that feel off?

-feel like someone is watching you?

-have insects or rodents visiting you?
*Hive minds are attracted to lower vibrations.

-experience weird tech shit?

-have animals been acting weird or avoiding areas?
*often when an animal is upset it’s because of the energy they’re in….

Let’s clean that shit up and update your space.

I can:

*clear unwanted energies and entities

*bring the vibration of your property into present time

*align it with the Best and Highest Good for every sentient being that lives there

*address portals and vortexes and close or move them as needed

*help tame unruly EMFs

*reset the energy of objects, art and furnishings.

Energy is energy- I do not have to be on-site for you to reap the benefits of a “house healing”.

I can come to you if you are within one hour driving distance of Boulder County, Colorado.

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Your home is your sanctuary-
your safe space from the world.

Let’s make it feel that way.

"Although I was experiencing strange feelings and fears walking through my parent’s home at night, I didn’t know if it required a house healing or not. Eventually, I asked Sara and her team for help. What was most helpful was the way Sara managed the healing process with precision and delegating different symptoms to team members to rapidly discover, address and clear the issues they found. It was impressive how well and quickly they worked together!

As a result, the energy in my parent’s house, the property and my parent’s energy shifted. It was obvious. I was no longer feeling eyes on me at night in dark corners or like something was stalking me! That was huge. What was discerned made perfect sense given my experiences and it was good to know the causes!

This has also cleared the path for some healing work with my dad for the year and support from my mom. The main benefit is that I don’t feel watched, stalked or have fears sleeping in their house anymore and their water plumbing issues have stopped - which came up in the session.

I would recommend this session for anyone not sure if they need to clear the unseen energies in the home, or if they know there’s an issue but can’t see it or address it. I’d also recommend this for someone buying a new home or moving into a new space to start living with a clear home! Sara and her team are the real Dead Files clearing Team! Thank you Sara."

Chris Montoya- Client & Student

Instructions for Remote Property Healing


After you schedule your session, please email a simply drawn outline of your property to [email protected]. It is helpful if you can include the areas you'd like to focus on during your session, but is not required. 


Examples of Drawings:

Two-story House:

Business- Automotive Repair Shop:


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