Session with the Students of
The Development Program


Receive a 60 minute "line reading & healing" from the students of The Development Program. This session is currently available once a month and on a first come, first served basis.

A line reading & healing consists of two or more Healers working on a subject, at the same time.
The benefit of a line reading & healing is that each Healer sees from their own unique angle and they will work on different aspects & layers.
Compare it metaphorically to physically cleaning a home:
One cleaner sweeps and mops, another is dusting and one is decluttering.
This is what happens energetically during a line reading & healing.

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"Sara, I am so grateful to you and your team of amazing healers.
I’m referring to my healing as my rebirth <3
I rested the entire afternoon and hydrated. My shoulders and neck feel amazing.

I have carried so much stress and had adjusted to the pain for over 20 years. I react to the delight of not having the stabbing pain on my right side of my neck.

I feel more confident in myself.

I am so thankful for this gift from you all and all our Spiritual Guides, Angel guides, Fairies and many more healers.
I just woke up after 9 hours of sleep and I am do rested. Please continue your gifts to others, I have just regained my quality life back from the loads I was carrying.

Much love."

~ Hope H.


“OMG!  That healing was exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much for suggesting it and supporting me. I was so dialed in to the energy when I was listening to the recoding so the force is literally so strong in the group ❤️

~ Azmina K.


"Hi Sara and crew,

I wanted to thank your amazing team for the work with my parent's home!

First, the house has a more open, spacious, and lighter feel. 

Today I don't feel the energies I've felt before and something shifted because my parents seem more engaged at home. 

I don't feel the eyes 👀 in the back area and all spaces feel more even and neutral around the house. 

Thank you all very much for the wonderful job each of the team did. 

I am very grateful. 🙏🏼

Much love 🌹"

~ Chris M.


"Sara Pearl and her amazing team did a phenomenal energy clearing with me that I'm still processing over a week later.

It's one thing to know the intensity of my own experience but to have an entire team tap into my very private world and articulate the massive amount of ancestors, guides, spirits, and beings that follow me around daily has felt gratifying beyond words.

Everyone is feeling great and lighter.

In deep gratitude."

~ Val A.