$44.00 USD

Demystifying Death Workshop

An experiential workshop addressing
the Energy of Death, Dying and the Day of the Dead.

What you'll get:

The Workshop

*meditative experiences that help you release fear around death and dying.

*assistance from an Archangel whose entire job is to work with the energy of Death.

*seeing what unfinished business you have left with your present lifetime and clearing things up so that life feels easier, and less karmic.

*information about what happens when you die and how the deceased communicate with us.

*what to do about ghosts and discarnate beings.

*practical tips to help someone who is grieving and how to grieve consciously.

The Extras

*lists and links to my favorite movies, and books, about Death

*downloadable PDFs

*downloadable MP3 meditations

*inspirational videos and more!

Please note: Demystifying Death Workshop was filmed on Halloween/Day of the Dead weekend- please enjoy our costumes :)